Lamborghini Certified Pre-Owned

Lamborghini Pre-Owned in Charlotte, NC

Uncompromising, extreme, Italian. A Lamborghini should always remain a Lamborghini. Which is why we've developed the Lamborghini Quality Program for certifying pre-owned cars. It guarantees that any pre-owned Lamborghini you purchase is ready to put into a performance worthy of its fabled badge.

The certificate is the vehicle's seal of perfect quality, optimal safety and exclusive workmanship in every aspect. Not lease because only original Lamborghini parts are good enough to maintain the pedigree.

And since the certification is linked to the car and not the owner, you pass on the benefits should you decide to sell.

But Lamborghini wouldn't be Lamborghini if you didn't receive something very special on top of the certificate: a vehicle history that no other pre-owned car can boast.

And Still As Immaculate As On Day One.

We rigorously check the track record of every vehicle.

Each vehicle's history is scrutinized thoroughly by the experts. But not every Lamborghini has what it takes to meet the tough selection criteria.

Cars damaged in an accident or racing vehicles are filtered out right from the start. What's more, the expert assessors verify that all prescribed servicing and maintenance has been carried out. They don't miss a thing - let alone any hidden repairs.

Once a vehicle has made it into the Lamborghini Quality Program, you can rest assured that each one looks as heart-poundingly flawless under the hood as from any other angle. Whatever wild adventures it had in the past.

Immaculate Vehicle Service in Charlotte, NC

There's One Extra That Isn't Optional.

A Lamborghini delivers supercar performance - yet you can drive it all year round in all weathers. It's engineered to last - and for our Certified Pre-Owned program we select only examples that have been maintained by Lamborghini-approved workshops.

A Certified Pre-Owned Lamborghini will have passed over 150 separate tests. If any part needs replacement, we'll use only genuine Lamborghini parts. That's how we can offer a warranty that covers every significant component on the car.

So when you settle into the driver's seat of your Certified Pre-Owned Lamborghini and take a look around the cockpit, you can rest assured that complete confidence comes as standard.

  • Powertrain (engine, transmission, differential)
  • Suspension & steering system
  • Safety (ABS, airbag & brake systems)
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Electrical system (sound and navigation systems are excluded)
  • Fuel system

Vehicle Inspection Checklist

A Lamborghini technician is required to perform these meticulous inspections before a vehicle is certified for sale under the CPO Program. If something is not up to Lamborghini standards, it is required to be repaired or replaced.

Vehicle Information

  • Chassis Number:
  • Start Validity Date:
  • End Validity Date:
  • Months Validity:
  • Mileage Limit:
  • Dealer's Stamp:

General Vehicle Information

  • VIN matches database
  • VIN tamper free
  • All factory required maintenance up to date
  • No open service bulletins and campaigns
  • Equipped with Lamborghini genuine parts
  • No mileage discrepancies
  • Vehicle history check / Clean Carfax

Vehicle Exterior

Exterior Appearance Inspection

  • Body damage
  • Head and tail lamps lens condition
  • Paint, chips and scratches
  • Panel alignment/fit
  • Side marker lens condition
  • Soft Top visible damage (if present)
  • Trim and moldings
  • Windshield and all glass condition

Exterior Lights Function

  • Brake and high-mount stoplights
  • Emergency flashers
  • Headlights high/low
  • License plate lights
  • Parking/fog lights
  • Side marker lights
  • Tail/back up lights
  • Turn signal lights


  • Two master keys, remote, airbag key

Door Lock System

  • Door mechanism
  • Manually lock with key
  • Remote entry system
  • Anti-theft alarm system

Vehicle Interior

Seat Belts

  • Extend/retract smoothly
  • Free of twists, cuts, or signs of wear

Seat Operation

  • Seat heater (if present)
  • Lumbar support operation
  • Seat adjustment

Power Windows

  • Mechanism

Trunk/Fuel Lid and Bonnet Release

  • All mechanisms

Glove Compartment

  • On board literature complete
  • Lights

Steering Wheel

  • Horn
  • Steering wheel locks
  • Tilt/telescopic

Windshield Wiper

  • Function high - low - interval
  • Headlamp washer
  • Windshield washer operation
  • Wiper blades clean properly

Dashboard and Instrument Cluster

  • Board computer functionality
  • Operation of all gauges
  • Emergency flashers
  • High beam switch function
  • Set correct time on clock
  • Turn signal switch/stalk function
  • Warning lights: oil pressure, brake, fuel
  • Warning lights: seatbelt, open door
  • Warning lights: engine check, ABS, ESP

Air Conditioning/Heater

  • Climate control system (heating/cooling)

Interior Lights

  • Courtesy lights
  • Mirror light

Vehicle Interior

Audio and Navigation System

  • Antenna
  • CD button function
  • CD cartridge (when applicable)
  • Navigation system(if present)
  • Power/volume switch
  • Preset station Indicator
  • Rear view camera
  • Speakers sound

Convertible Top

  • All mechanisms and operations

Cigarette Lighter/Ashtray/Cupholder

  • Function properly

Rearview Mirrors

  • External mirrors
  • Internal rearview mirrors
  • Outside mirror heater (if present)
  • Power mirror controls switch

Luggage Compartment

  • Luggage compartment light
  • Luggage trim and mat
  • Tool kit, present and complete

Fluid Levels

  • Brake
  • Clutch (manual gearbox only)
  • Differential front and rear
  • E-gear
  • Engine coolant
  • Engine
  • Lifting system
  • Power steering
  • Transmission
  • Windshield washer

Under The Hood

  • Engine Mechanical
  • Air Filter
  • Belts (wear or damage)
  • Cooling system: pressure test, radiator
  • Overflow tank, hoses
  • Emission control test (if state requirement)
  • Engine noise (knocks, rattles)
  • Excessive fuel pump noise
  • Oil pump (noise/leaks)
  • Engine fans
  • Battery
  • Voltage test (min 12.4V)
  • No damage
  • No leakage
  • Group size/amp rating

Diagnostic Test and Acquisitions

  • ABS
  • Airbag
  • E-gear
  • ESP
  • LDAS/Lara
  • Soft top

Under The Vehicle

  • Tires
  • Minimum tread depth
  • No damage
  • Proper size, type and match
  • Tire pressure
  • Rims
  • Center wheel cover (Lamborghini logo)
  • Curb damage
  • Finish
  • Size/fit
  • Torque
  • Brake inspection
  • Calipers, lines and hoses
  • Parking brake assemblies
  • Parking brake cable and mounting hardware
  • Rotors
  • Brake lines

Under The Vehicle

  • Pad material

Visible Inspection Under The Vehicle

  • Bumper flanges and brackets
  • Drive shaft boots and CV joints
  • Engine mounts and oil pan
  • Exhaust system
  • Frame and floor pan
  • Fuel hoses and protectors
  • Fuel lines
  • Fuel tank
  • Rear and front differential
  • Sheet metal (deformities)
  • Shocks for operation/leaks
  • Steering rack
  • Tie rods, ball joints
  • Torsion bar
  • Upper/lower arms (front and rear)
  • Wheel balancing/alignment

Road Test


  • Engine performance idle/noise/vibrations
  • Idles normally
  • Starter operation/starting (cold/hot)


  • Brake function
  • Parking brake function

Warning Lights

  • No warning lights illuminate during road test


  • Manual gearbox function
  • Test all E-gear modes (sport, normal, auto)
  • Transmission and differential noise (cold/hot)
  • Transmission and shift points

Steering And Suspension

  • Steering/tracking/pulling/play in the wheel
  • Suspension noise/performance

Air Condition/Heat System Check

  • Correct functionality

Noise Or Vibrations

  • None present
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